COFEPRIS and Food Supplements

Are herbal products, plant extracts, traditional foods, dehydrated or concentrated fruit, added or not, of vitamins or minerals, which can be presented in pharmaceutical form * and whose purpose of use is to increase the total dietary intake, complement or supply any component , according to article 215, section V, of the General Health Law.

What are the nutritional supplements for?

Its only function is to increase, complement or supplement any of the components that we acquire through the diet, that is, the foods and dishes that we eat daily; Some people do not get all the nutrients they need in their diet and therefore resort to food supplements to supplement their diet.

It is not a product directed to treat, cure, prevent or alleviate symptoms of any disease

​They do not help to lose weight, fight obesity or overweight.

They are not for aphrodisiac use.

Allowed ingredients in food supplements in Mexico

Food supplements are allowed to contain one or more of the following ingredients *:

Amino acids
Fatty acids
Traditional dehydrated foods

Others established by the Secretariat

REGULATE supports you in the whole process for obtaining the authorization, import license,  advertising permission.

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